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South Tyrolean delicacy – home made: South Tyrolian “Krapfen”

Today: Two doughnuts in comparison – and an original recipe from Mrs. Erika Forcher – Haus Müller in Dorf Tirol/Tirolo!!!

In South Tyrol, when you’re talking about “Krapfen” usually you think about the square, a little dry dessert filled with jam or poppy seed. You can get really addicted to this dessert.

But once a year at carnival, when parades are going on and everybody is masqueraded and celebrating, the traditional “krapfen” has to leave its space to the delicious “FASCHINGSKRAPFEN”.

He is not square and dry, but round and fluffy filled with apricot-marmalade (even filled with vanilla crème or chocolate crème). At this time you find also discounts on these round desserts like pay 5 get 4 or 9+ 1 for free.

The difference between those two, besides the similarity of the name, is the way you eat it. The square one you can easily enjoy it without any problem (unless the doughnut is so fresh and hot, that you burn your tong with the hot filling). But on the second one, there is a ritual to follow, and you have to consider to fundamental rules:

For those who love a mustache made of powdered sugar can easily bite into the doughnut, but for those who don’t like it, usually they blow it away or lick it up before they bite into it. Please do not inhale during the first bite otherwise you could get a sugar – coughing fit!

You should carefully reflect where to put the first bite. If you take a good look there is a small hole where the filling has been injected. Don’t use the opposite site to bite in, because it could be that the tasty filling shoots right out. Take the first nip on the side of the little hole, so you can taste the fluffy dessert along with the filling.

Since the round doughnut replaces the square one form February till March, we want to give this delightful dessert the attention he deserves, and kindly ask Mrs. Forcher Erika from Haus Müller in Dorf Tirol/Tirolo for the recipe:


1 – 2 tb spoon of butter
220g of wheat flour
180g of rye flour
1/10 l milk
A pinch of salt
1 egg
1 egg yolk
1 tb spoon of oil
2 tb spoons of cream
Cooking oil


Mix the flour with the egg, egg yolk, cream, butter, oil, milk and the salt to dough and let it rest for an hour. Then knead the dough again and cut it in oval sheets. Fill it with marmalade ( of chestnuts , plum or apricot) fold them lengthwise and close the ends . Fry them on both side until they are gold-brown, and let them drip off on a paper towel. Serve them preferably while they are still hot.

And don’t forget:  pile them up to a tower

At this point:  MAHLZEIT!!!!!!!

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